2018 Lincoln Navigator Msrp Price, Interior, Mpg

The series of Lincoln Navigator has been around in more than one decade and it still offers great performance and features that can be found in luxurious SUV car. But, since it is an old car the model is quite old and it needs a redesign and replacement for some features to make it look more modern. For the first time, 2018 Lincoln Navigator is shown few months ago. The redesign concept of the new Lincoln gets a lot of improvements in most important aspects. Just like other car, the concept car that was already shown before will have different version in the production. But the manufacture does not give any clue about the features that will be carried in the production.

There are some impressive changes in the new design of Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln as the producer of luxurious car from Ford gives numerous advanced systems in the engine and interior look. The design of the future Navigator will look futuristic with some unique concept that will make the car look better and much appealing as one of the best SUV cars on its class.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Picture
2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior

Lincoln plans to impress their fans with the new concept of Lincoln Navigator. The future Navigator will have a unique door-opening design. In the show, there is only two doors concept with two rows of seats and giant set of motorized stairs. However, in the real production the company will use normal doors where the EL version will have longer and door-less concept that will make the design look totally different and impressive.

To replace the motorized stairs, the company plans to use electric running boards as the standard features in the future Lincoln Navigator. The futuristic design of the interior will be replaced by the ultimate features and accessories from Lincoln even though the company does not reveal anything yet about the car. In the whole part of the interior, the future Navigator will get similar treatment such as similar dashboard, modular electric seat with massage system as the standard, triple-zone climate control and modern premium class safety features.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior
2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior

2018 Lincoln Navigator Engine

Under the hood, the car will get a new 3.5 liter twin turbocharged V6 engine instead of using the same engine as its predecessor. This engine can produce 450 horsepower output and more than 450 lb-ft of torque. The engine used by future Navigator is same with the basic engine of the Raptor. The engine will be featured with 10 speed automatic transmission with all wheels or rear wheels driving system as options.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Price

The price for the future Navigator will be more than $60,000 for the base design. For the upscale model the price will be higher. In the time around, Ford will also release an extend wheel base model that can compete Escalade El but with lower price.

2018 Lincoln Navigator is a premium SUV car that will be released at the end of this year or in the beginning of 2018. The car will be one of the masterpieces from Lincoln that will attract SUV car fans around the world. This car can be included in the list of most favorite car of the year.

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