2018 Dodge Charger SE Msrp Price, Interior, Mpg

The arrival of the brand new model of the highly famous and popular Dodge Charger is not too long from now on in which the 2018 Dodge Charger SE will probably be coming as well. It is common that Dodge designed different version of Charger to really be able to accommodate more people in driving the car itself.

Therefore the SE which stands for Special Edition surely will also be released following the official release of the base model of Charger under the year model of 2018. Despite of the ETA that is approaching, there have been many words regarding the car itself in which some of them might just be rumors. So, what do we know about the SE version of 2018 Charger?

2018 Dodge Charger SE White Colors
2018 Dodge Charger SE

2018 Dodge Charger SE Interior

The design of the Dodge Charger SE 2018 will definitely following the basic idea of the base model. One thing for sure is that the whole design of the car will deliver a more modern appeal both in its exterior and interior. The cabin will have a sportier look in order to match the sporty look of its exterior for real. Inside the system of the car with a massive touchscreen central console will be better quality of multimedia system as well as higher rating of safety features.

2018 Dodge Charger SE Engine

Currently there are words out there regarding the performance sector of the Dodge Charger SE 2018 in which the speculations include various options. The engine could be a V4 petrol version or V2 petrol with 2 pieces of turbochargers for better performance output. There is also a possibility of the car to be using a 3.6L V3 engine.

The V8 engine may be available for the performance version of the car under the code SRT for real. The focus on this version is more into the special addition of features in many aspects without focusing solely on the performance and power like the SRT itself as the highest performing version of the 2018 Charger.

2018 Dodge Charger SE Blue Colors
2018 Dodge Charger SE Colors

2018 Dodge Charger SE Price

Following the many additional features added to the base model of Charger, the Dodge Charger SE 2018 will definitely be having a higher price. It may just be well within the price range of $30,000 to $40,000. That price range could still be changing following the fact that the car may not yet be available until the end of 2017 or even at the beginning of 2018. Those fans of Dodge and Charger will definitely be enjoying this particular car in the future regardless of the offered price that may just be a bit higher compared to its competitors within the same segment.

The 2018 year model version of Charger may well bring out many of its version including the SE itself. Thus people can always find the best one for them since everything will be affected including the price and the driving experience to get when inside the cabin of the car itself. So, will the 2018 Dodge Charge SE be enough to dominate the market in the future?

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