2015 Honda Civic Si Turbo Manifold

2015 Honda Civic Si Turbo Manifold

2015 Honda Civic Si Turbo Manifold – This turbo kit has been used on Kevin Hernandez’s record setting 870 hp Civic through a full 3″ exhaust and on Harry Sparks’s record setting 9 second Civic. Our turbo manifold for the 2012 – 2015 9th Gen Civic Si is machined out of billet steel and features a smooth-radius bend and 44mm / 46mm wastegate flange. Honda 9th Gen 2012-2015 Civic Si K-Series EFR T3 IWG Turbo Kit Full-Race is proud to announce the release of our Turbo Kit for the 2012+ Civic Si K24. 5862mm Precision Turbo(stg.1-650whp), or 62mm Garrett or Precision Turbo (Stg.2-800whp) -3.0in Downpipe Kit -Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold -45mm.

Offers a variety of Turbo Kits & Parts for 2015 Honda Civic. If you are looking for a turbo kit for Honda Civic, you have come to the right place. Blackworks Raicng Civic Si 2015 Turbo Manifolds are designed and manufactured in the USA! Made from High Quality Stainless Steel. Research it before you do anything cause you are gonna need new injectors, engine management, resistor box, wastegate, manifold.

I’m heavily considering the 2015 civic. I’m so happy to see what they’ve done with it. My options aside from that have been the V6 camry, or the V6 Accord. If you are looking for a turbo kit for the Honda Civic, you have come to the right place. If you want a brief explanation of how a turbo kit ads power to your Honda Civic, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

The turbocharged Civic Si engine employs a unique high-flow, high capacity turbo for maximum responsiveness. The trend of the former seems to be coming to an end — however, there are plenty of performance enthusiasts out there looking for ways to improve the power and handling of their compact pride and joy. I was thinking of getting a 2012-2013 Civic Si, and then adding a turbo kit to it. I’ve been in the Honda scene for a very long time.

After eliminating both supercharger options ( CT-E and Kraftwerks ) I am left with these 3 companies to go FI. A new Honda Civic Si is on the way, but if you’ve got a base Civic with the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The tenth generation Honda Civic was released in October 2015 worldwide, replacing the ninth generation Honda Civic. The Honda Civic Si coupe and sedan will occupy the spot in between the regular Civic and if you could afford it, a full-on turbo kit.

Offer the best combination of response and peak power by properly matching the turbocharger size and design to suit any application from high power, top level race cars, Tuner Turbo and Turbo Upgrade kit lines. The car wasn’t any more powerful than the 2015 Civic Si with “just” 205 horsepower. We have a huge variety of Honda Civic turbo manifolds to ensure that you have every turbo manifold option available to you. A search for R18 turbo kits brought up manufacturer Turbo Specialties Inc (TSI), which is only twenty minutes away.

We test and develope the very best performance headers, exhausts, turbo manifolds and exhaust systems. Our product line includes performance products. Looks like the 2016 Honda Civic turbo parts are posted. You can thank US regulations for the absence of a Fit SI (to date, anyway). The exhaust manifold on the 2015 Fit and 2016 Civic is built into the cylinder head. The Si will use an upgraded version of the base Civic’s 1.5-liter turbo.

2015 Honda Civic Si Turbo Manifold
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