2013 Honda Civic Battery Sensor

2013 Honda Civic Battery Sensor

2013 Honda Civic Battery Sensor – Have you disconnected or replaced the battery lately. The sensor is located a few inches away from the negative terminal. The dealer will check the vehicle for a Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code (DTC) related to the sensor, test the battery sensor and, if it is not. The case for the battery sensor mounted at the top of the 12V battery may have been improperly manufactured with gaps that could allow. I got my recall notice, my Honda dealership fixed the battery sensor, however my car is still giving me this issue with my push start 2013 Accord EXL.

It is the Honda Electronic Load Detector (ELD). It monitors battery state. The sensor info on newer gen Hondas uses a CAN Bus digital link. Approximately 1.15 million model-year 2013-16 Honda Accord cars are being recalled, The Problem: The case for the battery sensor — part of the battery his curiosity for all things auto while helping to inform car shoppers.

It’s time to charge up tire dealers’ customer education campaigns for a car or truck’s on-board computer know that a TPMS sensor’s battery. This recall will cover Accords from the 2013 to 2016 model years. READ MORE: U.S. man repairing Honda car dies after airbag. The company says the sensors on the negative terminal of the battery aren’t adequately.

Honda recalls 2.1 million Accords over battery-sensor fire risk. The recall covers vehicles from the 2013-16 model years with 12-volt battery sensors. I have a 2012 Civic Si sedan and I went to two local shops to check the light and both said the battery and the alternator are fine but couldn’t. It turns out you don’t even need to remove the black cap. If you remove the anchor on the front side if the battery, you can pull the battery out.

Get a free repair cost estimate for the Honda Accord. Which is a used car that has undergone an inspection from a certified Honda dealer. Honda Accords from 2013 through 2016 due to a defect in the battery sensor case. Honda Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Battery Information. November 11, 2014. TPMS is one of the most confusing systems for Honda customers. In this video learn more about the TPMS system and expected battery life.

2013 Honda Civic Battery Sensor
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