2013 Honda Civic Battery Costco

2013 Honda Civic Battery Costco

2013 Honda Civic Battery Costco – Costco offers Interstate brand batteries for boats, RVs, golf carts and lawn mowers. Selection can vary by location, call your local Costco’s Tire and Battery. The original Kirkland car battery warranty provided 100 months of coverage. Kirkland battery purchased in October 2013 for my 2006 Subaru Legacy wagon. Can you really get a great car battery for less than $100? Costco’s Kirkland car batteries were once the darling of experts and car owners.

I have an old Kirkland 12v car battery I bought new in June 2013. Was doing it–and return the old battery for warranty pro-rated refund + core. The stores offer consumers a number of products, including appliances, furniture and groceries. Costco also offers Kirkland Signature batteries for your car. This page is a summary list of ALL Costco 12-volt car batteries, made by Kirkland.

If the car dies when you’re 1,000 miles from home, chances are there is a Wal-Mart in the next and I purchase a new under warranty battery for under the hood. Costco offers Bosch S4 batteries for your automotive needs. Call your local Costco’s Tyre Bay, to see if we have the battery that’s right for you. I bought a Bosch car battery from Costco, and it’s knackered well within the 4 year warranty window.

Costco Kirkland car battery has been discontinued and currently Costco only offers one brand for their car batteries which is Interstate. I was at Costco at 7AM this morning to replace my Costco truck battery that is slowly starting to die and is about 4 years old. Reason I went through the trouble was just to save a few dollars and have that extra reserve capacity compared to the other batteries even with higher CA’s Like a 34 or 24F.

I went to Costco’s website, got redirected to a Costco / Interstate Battery website, and found a battery the site said should. Car batteries are not all the same. When when looking to buy a car battery you want to make sure you have the correct group. When we buy new car battery, Costco charge core charge $15 + tax. My daughter bought me a TV for Christmas 2013 and a 2-year extended warranty.

2013 Honda Civic Battery Costco
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